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The Team of Legal Advisors of service will guide you through every stage related to foundation and registration of a company, as well as, division, merger or conversion of companies.

Spół provide assistance on every stage of the process of founding companies, not only limited liability companies but also registered partnerships, limited partnerships, joint-stock partnerships, professional partnerships and also conversion of companies.

We also provide services related to legal representation of the companies founded by us and also already existing ones. We are also able to provide accounting services through cooperation with an accounting office as well as a virtual address for your company, what makes the registration of the company under your address not necessary.

We will prepare all necessary documents, provide assistance at the conclusion of the contract, and we also file all necessary registration applications and we regulate applicable registration procedures.

Company’s foundation process with us

  • The client shall transmit required information by electronic means, in order to prepare the documents, including among others, the company and its seat, details of shareholders, subject of activity, determination of contributions (and any other information characteristic for a specific type of company, i.e. limited liability amount, body members’ details etc.)
  • We prepare a sample contract within two working days and we arrange a meeting with a notary public
  • We offer advice in the company’s foundation process and particularly we prepare for you sample provisions for your company’s contract, beneficial in terms of your activity
  • Concluding a contract at the Notary Office at the convenient time, at the Client’s request we can assist in the notarial actions.
  • We prepare all necessary registration applications in order to register your company in the Register and assign tax ID number and Business Reg. number (average time of registration up to 14 days)
  • We regulate the registration process
  • We prepare and perform the procedure of making amendments in the company’s contract and recording such amendments, if such a necessity will occur during your business activity.
  • We offer full legal representation of already existing companies

Why you should found your company with is a platform created by legal advisors specializing in problems of commercial companies, as well as in e-commerce laws and also in problems with providing services for startups.

We have a long year and rich experience with founding and registering commercial companies, their ongoing permanent servicing, in all aspects of business activity as well as in preparing and guiding through the processes of division, merger, conversion or liquidation of companies and in counselling concerning taxation and tax optimization.

Our experience includes also providing assistance for foreigners with founding companies or starting up with other forms of business activity on the territory of the Republic of Poland, including legalization of stay in the Republic of Poland in relation to the undertaken or conducted business activity. We have registered hundreds of companies with foreign capital participation.

We have also prepared a dedicated offer for Polish startups, including not only advisory services in choosing the form of business activity and founding a proper company but also a set of individual, dedicated documents related to online business operations, including regulations for electronic services, full documentation related to personal data and submissions to GIODO, contracts with clients.

Choosing our services you can be sure of diligent and efficient legal representation at every stage and in every aspect of your business activity.

What you gain choosing us ?

  • We have registered hundreds of companies
  • Our experience related to registration procedures provides quick and easy registration ;
  • We ensure quick preparation of contract or any contract statute, as well as non-government organizations (foundations, associations) and through cooperation with diligent notaries we can also guarantee arranging a meeting with notary public for the purpose of signing documents at the convenient time;
  • We offer full legal representation of companies in respect of all their activities, including service for shareholders meetings and general meetings, other bodies meetings, preparing resolutions and contracts, ongoing legal advisory as well as carrying out recovery and other actions protecting our Clients in terms of competition law;
  • We constantly provide legal representation for many companies, including the leaders on the market
  • We effectively represent our Clients in court proceedings all over the country;
  • Our lawyers advised in many divisions, mergers and conversions of companies, including the ones with a huge capital and assets;
  • We have prepared for many of our Clients safe and satisfactory solutions in terms of tax optimization.